Mottos for Classes

Class Name Mottos for Classes
Nursery Cherry Let’s march towards a greener planet.
LKG Strawberry Let Love of Power get replaced by power of   Love.
UKG Mulberry Dreams are Today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.
I Ruby Give Peace a Chance.
II Emerald Let her live .Save the girl child.
III Diamond The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.
IV Sapphire Children of today are Leaders of tomorrow
V Opal It is not easy, but the war on Global warming must be won.
VI Topaz Wisdom lies in the Pristine from of nature.
VII Pearl Hurt not the Earth, neither the Sea nor the Trees.
VIII Amethyst Empower Women, to flower and bloom, to rise and shine.
IX Onyx Elixir of wisdom necessitates transcendence of man’s nature.
X Peridot Climb Mountains not so the world can see you, but
so you can see The World.