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Secretary's Message

A joyful schooling experience depends on the excitement tool or the ration proportion of a successful school beyond all other yard sticks.
At, Vardhman Academy, it is unending guest of a well-trained group of adults who are passionate in education and in creating a learning environment, where learners are excited to come and enjoy the learning experience. There is a conscious and continuous preparation to make every learner to be equipped with the phenomenal transformation of purpose and clarity of perception that the 21st century has begotten. In this direction Vardhman has adopted a curriculum that will help students connect with the world and understand the issues that our world faces. The school functions as a nerve center, where teachers and students connect with those around them & away them. The teachers in the campus are more orchestrators of information than being mere instructions of facts and render children the ability to turn their knowledge into wisdom.
It is our wish and prayer that every child gets an opportunity to learn in such exciting environment of inclusion, where he/she collaborates with people from various school and countries across the world, to learn about the issues that affect us all, as well as contemplate on the ways to solve them at present and thereby building a future that is joyful and purposeful.

Anil Kumar Jain