Junk,junk and junk food everywhere, it has became a fashion statement for our young generation, gone are the days when cooked food by mothers were on the child’s wish list , it is now a days substituted by Mc Donalds and Dominos.
The youth is blindly getting trapped into unhealthy eating habits without even considering their consequences.
The are not only ruining their systems but, by and large affecting the physical and mental growth and development of the future India and its citizens.
We all understand how important it is for everyone to have nutritious and healthy food, but how to make the youngsters aware of it , the question remains unanswered . The concept of healthy mind in healthy body seems dwelling nowhere. Despite knowing the facts and figures , we all are becoming a part of this rat run.
We talk about the low life –span , early mortality rate, youngsters prone to allergy from almost every thing, lesser immunity and so on, but don’t we understand that the solution to all these is just simple:-
‘Cut the junk and move to homemade nutritious food.’
The situation is alarming and now it is the call of the hour to make our children understand the difference between just stuffing their stomachs and consuming food that provide them fuel to work.
As elders, it is our responsibility to help them choose the wiser option not by instructing but by counseling . The upcoming generation needs to be strong both mentally and physically in order to take the country to new horizons.