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Our Philosophy

Learning TO LEARN, We DO NOT TEACH.... We LEARN; what information to assimilate, from where why, and how. We learn together, comprehend, process and evaluate information and then apply the same in living a productive life. To make NO comparison &have NO competition, not to pursue the rat race; to do things for self-contentment and not for mere exhibition (what wills/he say?). Each one of us is unique with our life's controls in our hand. Happiness is not dependent on other's appreciation, approval, acceptance, rejection, denial or refusal. We should not work because we have to, nevertheless, because we want to; not for an anticipated compensation or reward but 'To kindle a dream within and set goals for self.'


Children must work harder to triumph over former records set by themselves and not compete against others. They must play for fitness, relaxation, skill building, fun and positive social interaction.


Children Must:
  • Be FREE with responsibility, they must be Self-Disciplined, and not imbibe fear or let their minds be conditioned by instructions.
  • RESPECT all religions and equally participate in all celebrations.
  • Smile and spread the Joy of life.
  • Learn to give, learn to BE rather than get.
  • Be simple.
  • Be the change you want to see.
  • Understand the purpose of life.

'Every big tree was once a sapling which needed sunlight and fertile soil. For human beings too, when the sunlight of love and the nourishment of education and culture is given they evolve into strong pillars of society. A Society where they are ready to give back more than, thlry receive, making it richer than ever before ..... '